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Red Sea Diaries

At Eagle Divers we love to share our scuba stories and latest news.

  • These guys really are our Heroes!

    These guys really are our Heroes!

    So after a long day diving and you're relaxing with a nice cold beer, watching the sun set, what is happening behind the scenes in the dive centre? Our extremely busy little bees in the logistics team are possibly washing your equipment, making tea and coffee for guests or maybe filling tanks for tomorrow's dives. Reda, Hamada and motassem, with the biggest smiles in Sharm el sheikh are always ready and willing to lend a hand.

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  • Eagle Rays for Eagle Divers!

    Eagle Rays for Eagle Divers!

    It’s hard to describe the feeling you get during a dive when a fuzzy dark shape starts heading towards you from the blue; the heart starts beating faster and the excitement builds at the knowledge you’re potentially about to witness something a little special. When the shape transforms in to an Eagle Ray a smile instantly appears on my face.

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  • Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

    Why you should dive…..in the Red Sea!

    If you asked a group of 10 divers why they dive you’re sure to get 10 different answers. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when Rory our DM from last year returned recently as part of a uni approved ‘fact-finding’ trip and asked some of our guests precisely that question.

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  • Enriched Air Diver

    Enriched Air Diver

    Do you want to stay DEEPER for LONGER on your dives? Extend your No Decompression Limits, especially with repetitive diving? You won’t regret completing the PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality course with Eagle Divers, especially since we’ll give you FREE NITROX for LIFE afterwards!

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  • Dive club trips to the Red Sea… an intense week of fun!

    Dive club trips to the Red Sea… an intense week of fun!

    We’ve just come to the end of a week’s intense diving trip with some students from the University of Hull and what a week we’ve had, both above and under the water. If you’re thinking about organising a club trip to dive the Red Sea, check out below a summary of our week to get an idea of what to expect (all non-diving activities optional of course ;-)

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Brian Johnstone, Eagle Divers Testimonial

Brian Johnstone

A delightful team of people to dive with, always looking out for everyone one in the group and very happy to help organise and advise on extracurricular activities.

Julie Talbott, Eagle Divers Testimonial

Julie Talbott

Fabulous people. Very professional and extremely fun and friendly. Eagle Divers made our holiday!! We will definitely be back :)

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